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Buy and trade shares in football players and watch their share price increase. Add to this dividend pay outs 365 days a year on the most talked about players and performance dividends that include payouts when a player scores, assists or keeps a clean sheet.

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Football Index is the fastest growing UK online betting company and are currently expanding into different countries such as France, Germany and many more. Join the platform that’s spending more and more on advertising everyday, from prime time TV adverts, football shirt sponsorship and Premier League board advertising. 

Football Index Guide

Want to know more about how Football Index works before you sign up? Luckily for you here at Football Index Tips we have created a complete Football Index guide that’s perfect for new and existing traders. Learn about how to buy and sell players on the first football stock market, how dividends work and all the different Football Index trading strategies.

Football Index Guide

Probably the first questions from anyone who has just found out about the Football Index is: What is Football Index and how does Football Index work?

Luckily for you here at Football Index Tips we have created a complete Football Index guide that’s perfect for new and existing traders.

Football Index Sign Up FAQ’s

What is Football Index?

Football Index was founded in 2015 and is a platform that provides football fans the opportunity to make money from their footballing knowledge by trading in a football stock market. The platform operates in a way similar to fantasy football, where you pick players who you think will perform well. The Football Index allows you to buy shares (called futures) in players who can earn you money through their share price increasing and performance or media buzz dividends.

Is Football Index gambling?

It is important to understand that trading on Football Index is gambling. At Football Index Tips our goal is to educate traders on how to use the Football Index platform safely and provide the latest Football Index news. We know that everyone wants to know how to make money on Football Index. However, we are strong advocates of responsible gambling and you can check out our advice as well as important links on Football Index Tips’ responsible gambling page.

How can you make money on Football Index?

There are 4 different ways in which you can make money on Football Index, these are changes in player prices, performance buzz dividends, media buzz dividends and in-play dividends. Player shares fluctuate based on demand, with players share price increases as more traders buy futures and player share price decreasing as traders sell futures. Media buzz dividends pay out 365 days a year and on days where no qualifying football matches are being played, Football Index typically operates ‘Treble Media Days’ where the top 3 players receive dividend payouts. Players win the media buzz dividend by topping the media rankings at midnight. The media buzz scores are determined by a score based on articles and their importance in their articles from 25 UK news feeds. Performance dividends are paid out to the top scoring defender, midfielder, forward and overall player based on Opta data. Finally, in-play dividends are paid out for goals, assists and clean sheets on the first 30 days on eligible matches. The full dividends breakdowns can be seen in our Football Index Guide.

Who owns Football Index?

The founder of Football index is Adam Cole who is a successful entrepreneur. Adam Cole previously started up a company called Electric Video who he sold to Richard Desmond and founded a website called MyVillage network. MyVillage network listed all local businesses in the UK including restaurants, bars and services.

The Football Index also received a funding investment of £1.92m from a group called Burlywood Capital. The lead influencer in this investment is believed to have been from Mark Blandford who had previously founded SportingBet.

Football Index then raised further capital using a crowdfunding platform called Seedrs in May 2016. A total amount of £1,156,327 was exchanged for 15.10% equity in the Football Index. The pre-money valuation of the Football Index before this round of investment was £4,497,268.

How do you sign up to Football Index?