There’s been a rumour that Football Index were in the process of making some significant changes to the platform.

In fact, there was plenty of talk about this in the past but the last release didn’t go to plan and the release ended up being a damp squib. 

Social media has been rife with rumours about what those changes are going to include.

Thankfully we no longer have to speculate as FI has officially released a press release about their new about their new and improved platform. It is currently being tested as a beta version, running simultaneously with the live platform.

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So what can you expect from the new Football Index beta site?


The FI team seem pretty confident this time too and want traders to start to get excited.

This is the plan:

Rather than introducing the changes to the actual live Football Index platform (which could possibly crash or not work out as they were planning), FI have decided to create another copy of the platform that includes the changes and run it separately, kinda in the background.

This allows them to try the platform out with real users without causing disruption as they iron out any small issues that might occur. It’s common for companies to do this with new websites or software platforms. It is even more important for sites like Football Index to do this as a crash in the new platform could disable trading causing disruption to traders, whilst also potentially losing customer trust.

The beauty of this is that life goes on and you can use the platform as normal.

All the time, they’ll be testing and checking the beta platform to ensure it’s robust and everything works as it should. Then when they are 100% happy they’ll transfer it over and it will be a seamless transition.

Well… that’s the dream scenario.

What new features will be available on the new Football Index beta site?


What’s exciting about this update for trader is that we’ll have access to some new features, making life better and easier as a trader. 

The proposed new features will include:


New trading charts: Football Index want to make it easier for traders to get all the data or info on a player at a push of a button. The screenshots provided by FI of their new site show the opportunity to drill down deeper into the player charts with more accurate visibility of players value at different points. This is a big step in that direction.

New stats page: The beta version also seemingly removes the ‘Prospectus’ and ‘Biography’ tabs in exchange for a ‘Stats’ tab. This part we are extremely excited about with stats for every player available to trade. This includes Match Day Points and Match Day Stats for each and every scoring metric. This can save traders a lot of time researching players and give them in depth statistics for analysis for free. 

Football Index are also looking to improve the UI (User experience of the platform) by updating:


  • New Polished User Interface 
  • New Sidebar Content that is Expandable/Collapsable
  • Improved Match Day Rankings Layout
  • Improved Portfolio View
  • Improved Watchlist

What new features will be available on the new Football Index beta site?


Football Index is even looking at starting to implement Order Books. 

This is the function of being able to see who is looking to buy or sell shares in a specific player and at what price.

So if you have shares in a player and you’re thinking of selling them you can see what other traders are willing to pay for those shares. Likewise, if you are looking to buy shares in a player you can see who has shares they are looking to sell and at what price.

It could be that one trader is willing to sell their 50 shares at one price and another trader is willing to sell their shares at another price, you can then make a calculation to know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.

There’s a lot to figure out and Football Index are keen to not overcomplicate buying and selling but it’s definitely going to have a massive impact on the platform if Order Books do come into play.

Some traders will be excited by the news of upcoming changes, whilst other traders might be apprehensive. Whichever way you look at it uncertainty is great for a stock markets and Football Index is no exception. 

So watch this space, and be ready to make your move as the changes go live.