Football Index is always looking for new ways to innovate the football stock market and when it comes to Media Dividends, they are giving you traders the chance to have your say. In this article, we look at what questions Football Index are asking new and existing traders about the current Media Dividends setup and discuss what this could mean for the future of Media Buzz.

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What questions are Football Index asking traders about Media Dividends?

There are 6 different questions that are included in the latest Media Dividends questionnaire that are:

1) Football Index scans 20 Media sources to generate daily Media scores. Are there any sources that you would like to see added or removed?

2) Would you be in favour of more football-related words being included in Media Dividend scoring? For example: ‘hat-trick’, ‘scouted’, ‘volley’, ‘assist’ etc.

3) Please list any specific words you would like to see added to Media Dividend Scoring:

4) Would you be in favour of Media sources from outside of the UK being used for Media Dividend scoring?

5) How would you like to see discriminatory or negative media stories handled?

6) Do you have any further comments on Media Dividends?

As you can see from the questions used, it seems that Football Index has taken into account a lot of trader comments and that they are in the process of reviewing the structure of their Media Dividends system as a whole.

What are Football Index traders saying?

Unfortunately, as much as we would love to be a fly on the wall, we don’t have access to what traders are responding to this questionnaire. However, a lot of traders have taken to social media in order to voice their opinions publicly on what they would like to see changed in the Football Index Media Dividends system. Below we have picked out some different suggestions that several traders have been discussing.

Increased Media Dividend Payouts: There is no surprise that Football Index traders want more payouts on Media Dividends as this makes the whole platform more appealing, especially to new traders. Some traders have also raised the point that the recent change of Media Dividends being opened up to the ‘Squad List’ means that on any match days there is only 1 winner from over 3,000 players. This change meant that there was a massive decrease in the odds when you look at the likelihood of a player topping the media chart from 1/200 to 1/>3000.

Changing Media Outlets: This has caused a big debate among traders with some wanting trusted foreign media outlets added to the media scoring system. There are many different arguments for this from taking away the English Premier League bias to making it more appealing to foreign markets if they are ever opened up. Other traders want some of the current media outlets removed due to them being owned by the same corporations or spinning similar stories simultaneously.

Player Names: If you are not completely familiar with the Football Index Media Dividends scoring system then you may not know that the scoring system provides different points based on things such as; the wording of the article, if the players name is in the title and how many players are mentioned. There have been several issues with this scoring system as it tends to favour some players over others.

For example, Neymar is known as Neymar on Football Index so every time his name was mentioned he would receive extra points as his full name is used. Alternatively, Rodri, now of Man City, was known as ‘Rodrigo Hernandez’ on Football Index, yet the media used his nickname of ‘Rodri’. This led to him not receiving the correct media score as the automatic algorithm did not attribute him the accreditation for articles about him that included the name ‘Rodri’.

Where can you answer the Football Index Media Dividends questionnaire?

To answer the questions listed above and give Football Index your opinion on Media Dividends all you need to do is click here. If you are looking for where to find all of the latest Football Index customer feedback questionnaires then it is best to follow their accounts on social media to stay in the loop.

When does the questionnaire close?

There is no official time or date when this Football Index Media Dividends questionnaire is going to close, so it is best to get your response in as soon as possible to make sure your voice is heard. Based on previous customer feedback questionnaires it is likely that it will close in a couple of days to a week.

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