How much money did you invest?


I initially joined Football Index in November 2018 with a deposit of £100. Straight away, like with most new players, I made some bad trades as I come to terms with how Football Index works. After getting a little frustrated with why my trading wasn’t successful, I took a step back and watched the market for a bit to see how everything worked.

I like to think of myself as a fast learner, so as I watched I started to spot trends in the market. From doing this I began to understand the different Football Index strategies that traders were using, and all the different ways you can make money on Football Index. Using this new knowledge, my trading became more successful and this built my confidence in the platform, which had dipped slightly due to my poor start.

This new confidence and understanding of how Football Index works led to bigger deposits and soon I had 4 figures invested and then 5 figures. The last of those deposits were around 5-6 months ago and since then I have not and don’t intend to make any new deposits into Football Index in the near future. My plan instead is to use the money I have currently invested to work for me and reinvest the earnings I make to keep building my portfolio.


What was your overall Return On Investment (ROI)?


My current return on investment is around the 55-60% mark, which is unbelievable when you think that I haven’t been on the platform for a full year yet. That’s the brilliance of Football Index. If I had kept that money in a bank account or savings bond I would have nowhere near the returns that I have now.


How did you make your profit from Football Index?


To answer this question directly I would say that 15% of the profits I have made have come from dividends and the other 85% of my profits are from capital appreciation of players. However, my trading strategy has changed completely from when I first joined the Football Index so the answer could be totally different if you asked me this question in another 12 months.

I think that’s the key to successfully trading on Football Index. There are now so many different ways to make a profit on the platform that it’s important to be able to adapt. Some traders stick to one trading strategy whilst others have various different players for different trading strategies. One of the best things about Football Index is that there is no one way to make money, which means that there is no right or wrong way to trade.

I personally feel that there is no need to stick to just one pigeon-hole yourself with a specific trading strategy. If you can spot an opportunity, be brave enough to take advantage and go for it. Some of the best trades I have made have been on the back of research, watching the market and a gut feeling to just go for it even though at the time I didn’t hold any players for that specific trading strategy.


Biggest profit from a single player, what happened?


My best investment in a player has to be Paul Pogba. I bought him pre-share split for £14 a share. At the time I recognised the risk involved but the way he was winning Media Buzz dividends regularly as well as the odd Performance Buzz dividends; capital appreciation wasn’t the only way to make money on him. The platform was at a great stage of growth at that point too, and with Pogba and Neymar leading the way I sensed there was still a way to go with their share price. I eventually cashed out on Pogba at £23 a share, which was a nice bit of capital appreciation profit on top of the dividends he had also earnt.


Biggest loss from a single player, what happened?


Cristiano Ronaldo. I bought roughly 2,000 shares in him at £2.15 after Juventus managed to get a 1-1 draw with Ajax at the Amsterdam Arena. The previous night I had witnessed the shock aggregate victory of Tottenham who had eliminated Manchester City from the Champions League. I wrongly assumed that the path for Juventus to the final had got a hell of a lot easier. A seemingly simple win against Ajax in their fortress of a home ground saw them face Tottenham over 2 legs in preparation for a blockbuster final against either Barcelona or Liverpool.

I was already dreaming of all the dividends I would win over the next few weeks as Ronaldo would likely sweep all of the Media Buzz, and his style of play always puts him in the run for Performance Buzz dividends (especially with the single match days). To add to this, other traders would surely buy-in leading to capital appreciation as well. I was expecting a nice rise to about £2.50-£2.75 a share. This would have made a capital appreciation profit of around £1,000 from an investment of only a couple of weeks with the option to sell him before the final as the hype built up.

Unfortunately for Juventus, and very unfortunately for me Ajax beat Juventus that evening. The next morning as his share price began dropping, I decided to cash out and instant sell all of my shares at £1.85. This trade led to me making a loss of £600. It shows that even though you can make money on the platform, you can also lose a lot of money.


Did you use a trading strategy?


As I mentioned before, I don’t really classify myself as a certain type of trader, but I do tend to go against the grain. If people are selling a certain player when an or injury or suspension has occurred, I’m very likely to be in the mix buying the shares that people are cashing out on. To me, I see it as an opportunity to buy players at a discounted rate and wait patiently for the turn around after this period. But also, I trade the other way around. If I see that a player is rising rapidly that I hold I see this as an opportunity to sell my shares and take the profit, ready for my next investment.


Do you have any advice to new traders joining Football Index?


I think when it comes to new traders, I would have 5 key rules:

1) Read the rules.

2) Read the rules again – it is so important to stress this, understanding how the platform works is half of the battle to make sure that you make the right investments. If you are not sure where to start then check out this Football Index Guide.

3) Don’t buy off the ‘risers list’ – In my opinion, a lot of players on Football Index are used as ‘bait’ for new customers in what’s known on social media as a ‘pump and dump’. This involves a consortium of existing traders who quickly inflate a player’s price hoping that other users see the rise and jump on board buying shares. They then sell off their shares of the player at an inflated price and leaving the new traders with a ‘dud’.

4) Traders always promote their own portfolio – I am no exception; I am definitely guilty of doing this myself. Always do your own research and make an informed decision using your own instincts.

5) Don’t be afraid to pay the commission – Some traders say your dividends return should always outperform the commission you pay on a player when you are selling. To me, that is a load of rubbish. If you invest £1,000 into a player and the player’s value increases to £1,100 at which price you sell to the market. You will obviously pay a 2% commission on your sale which will total £22. This still leaves you with a balance of £1,078 which is a £78 profit. The commission in this scenario is irrelevant because it’s still a winning trade.

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