How much money did you invest?


I first joined the Football Index in November 2017. I tested the water a bit to begin as you should do with any investment you make. Once I familiarised myself with the platform and gained trust in its security, deposits became more regular. My current investment of my own funds into Football Index now totals £185,600.

What was your overall Return On Investment (ROI)?


My portfolio is currently sitting at £386,213. This obviously fluctuates a bit with good days and bad days but I would say the return on my initial investment is about 108%. It is also a bit difficult to say an exact figure for return of investment as deposits and withdrawals skew the figures. For example, the earliest money I put in obviously has a much higher return on investment than my latest deposit that has only been in the platform for a few weeks. 


How did you make your profit from Football Index?


At the time of writing this, my dividends stand at £23,629. That sounds smallish to me in comparison to the money I have made from capital appreciation of the players I have bought into. But as my portfolio grows and I invest in more different players my monthly dividends returns is slowly creeping up too. This shows that there are loads of different ways to make money on Football Index.

The latest share split and what happened with money moving into the lower end of the market helped build my portfolio size significantly. I like to spread risk by investing in a range of players so the movement of traders to investing in cheaper players made for a good capital appreciation of players for me.


Biggest profit from a single player, what happened?


The biggest winner in my portfolio is Pogba. I bought in at £4.52 for the main reason that everyone else did, media dividends and a piece of the pie that everyone else seemed to be enjoying. The summer media madness more recently has helped with his tendency to always be in and around the media buzz leading to regular dividend payouts. 

There is also a reasonably good capital appreciation of his price there too. I don’t see why he won’t keep rising to as the platform grows. I think with Football Index making the most of their marketing budget and really pushing the message out there we will see a gradual share price increase.


Biggest loss from a single player, what happened?


My biggest loser was Zlatan Ibrahimović. I just played this trade badly, think everyone’s had a couple of them. I held on to shares in him for too long before he made the move over to the MLS. A part of me was hooked on the idea of him returning to AC Milan where he’d still be eligible for Performance Buzz as well as be more likely to feature in British media. Unfortunately, I was wrong and held for too long eventually selling up just before he moved to the US.


Do you use a trading strategy?


My strategy is simple really, long term holds. I assess each player on their own merit and I try to keep everyone unless there is a good/obvious reason to sell (for example a move to the graveyard leagues of the MLS or China).

Patience and trust are always key. You should obviously do solid research before every trade you make. After that it is simple. Buy good players and keep them.

Don’t worry about red days or red players! Prices are going to fluctuate, that’s why we all love the platform so much but if you have a couple of bad days where prices drop, the key is to not panic. Redo the research on that player and see what’s happening. If it’s just a small blip as other traders switch their portfolios up don’t think you have to sell because you see a bit of red!

I’m also big on diversity, I hold over 1400 players in my portfolio. The best thing with the growing market is that you can cast your nets wide, instead of having all your money tied up in a few players.

Do you have any advice to new traders joining Football Index?


My first piece of advice to new traders would be to pick a strategy that suits you. There isn’t just one way to make money on Football Index, that’s why we all love it. Assess what strategy suits you best based on your football knowledge, time available and budget.

Adding to that I think it is massively important that you do not over deposit. Patience is key when trading in any stock market, so trade carefully and build up your portfolio slowly. At the end of the day, remember that Football Index is a gambling platform and that you should only deposit what you can afford.

Learn the rules. One of the best things you can do as a new trader is to understand how to play the game. I’m not saying that you should know every rule inside out, but the more you understand the platform, how it works and why people buy and sell the more success you will have. I find that learning is best by doing or watching, test the water with a few small investments first as you get used to the Football Index. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are great communities on various social media where traders and happy to help.

Finally, don’t worry too much about losing. Losing is part of winning! Understand that good trades can lose and bad trades can win! Believe in your decisions. Listen to other peoples advice, but don’t necessarily take it. Always do your own research before you make any trades, at the end of the day it’s your money to spend. Believe that you are the best FI trader out there!

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