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Hi, my names Daniel and I have been trading on the Football Index for around 18 months. I have actually just pulled out my investment as I am using the profits, I have made from my Football Index portfolio to put a deposit down on my first house at the age of 22. I definitely plan on re-joining Football Index once I’ve purchased my property and can properly assess my financial situation.


How much money did you invest?

In total, I made a £15,000 investment of my own money into my Football Index portfolio. I started trading when the app got released, I found it on the app store when I was looking at different stocks and shares apps. I traded for around 3 months but then I pulled my money out as the platform was still new and I wasn’t really getting any returns. I was also in university at the time and this meant that money was a bit scarce so I didn’t have any savings or excess income that I could afford to have tied up. I reinvested when I got a job and started paying in around £1,000 a month for my first year of trading. I also reinvested any dividends pay-outs that I made in order to make compound gains (Read more about Football Index Tips – Compound Gains).


What was your overall Return On Investment (ROI)?

In total my return of investment was 150%, meaning that in total when I withdrew my money from Football Index I had a total of £37.5k. It’s mad to think that I’ve had such a high return on my original investment from Football Index, money which would have just otherwise be sat in a bank account earning 1-2% interest a year.


How did you make your profit from Football Index?

In total my returns from dividends reached £4,500. I actively reinvested these dividends to maximise my portfolio. For me, I was trading for matchday dividends as opposed to media buzz so the majority of my dividends were gained from player performances. I then made the majority of profit from player inflation and good trades, I’d say this accounted for £18k of my profit.

Biggest profit from a single player, what happened?

My biggest money maker was Neymar. From an early stage, I had planned a strategy of holding Neymar due to his popularity on Football Index as well as his ability to win large dividend returns on treble matchdays. All of the money I made from Neymar dividends went back into more futures of Neymar using the concept of compound interest.


Biggest loss from a single player, what happened?

I definitely had a couple of money losers, at the end of the day Football Index is trading and it’s not all just easy profit. I would say my biggest loser was Gareth Bale. I added Bale to my portfolio just before the latest share split at his peak. He started off okay but dropped in value quickly after the champions league final, I held him for a while hoping he would start increasing again but unfortunately sometimes you have to cut your losses.


Did you use a trading strategy?

I quickly learnt from this that you must have a strategy and not just buy when the share is hot. When I first joined Football Index I got stung a couple of times by buying players who’d had a good game and just as their price went up it went back down again pretty soon afterwards.

I then developed my trading strategy, which in the end helped me achieve 150% return on my investment. My trading strategy was to follow my gut instinct, backed by research. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and did a lot of research by watching games and surfing the net regularly on players I was interested in. Keeping tabs on a player for a minimum of a week or so before investing provides time to make better trades and avoid getting sucked into making poor one time performance based trades.

Football Index is now investigating new fairer ways to update their player profiles. Their existing systems of automatic updates is currently in review with their hesitance to move too quickly on providing a new and possibly glitchy solution that could affect future dividends payouts.

They have provided several different possible solutions which they are now going to investigate further, with the goal of creating a fair trading platform the key focus.


Do you have any advice to new traders joining Football Index?

My advice to new traders would firstly be to only follow trusted news pages. The pages I mainly followed were Sky Sports, ESPN and highly reputable sports journalists like Guillem Balague. Being the first to act on news can be the difference between making or losing money so it’s important to keep updated with the latest news. However, if you’re trying to hard to get ahead of the game and following transfer ‘gossip’ pages acting on so called ‘In The Knows’ you can end up making a lot of losing trades. I’d also say never be a sheep and follow the crowd. You should always make your own decisions and don’t trust others to do so for you, always look at the source you are reading and try to understand their personal motives. 

You really need to Learn about Football Index Trading Strategies. I quickly learnt from this, you must have a strategy and not just buy when the share is hot. When I first joined Football Index I got stung a couple of times by buying players who’d had a good game and just as their price went up it went back down again pretty soon afterwards.