How much money did you invest?


The total I have invested has fluctuated over time. I started relatively small as I learnt the market and then built up quite quickly as I gained confidence in the product and market cycles. I think it’s really important with any investment that you dip your toe to start to see how you get on.

The Football Index platform also has more to it than people think and you need to be well aware of the rules, especially when it comes to media, performance and in play dividends. Testing out the market with a small investment allows you to make those silly rookie mistakes without losing large amounts of money, whilst at the same time getting to grips with how everything works.

What is your overall Return On Investment (ROI)?


My current return of investment is 350%. I didn’t expect that sort of return at all when I signed up, I just saw it as a bit of fun. As time has passed, Football Index has become a part of watching and enjoying football to me. It has also changed what matches I watch; before I joined the Index, I would rarely watch any non-premier league football but now I’ll watch any match if it has a player or a team that interests me.

Obviously, it’s hard not to keep an eye on your ROI, but the feeling of picking a young or under the radar player that then performs well and flies up in price is fantastic.

How did you make your profit from Football Index?


I have a steady return from dividend yielders but I also go big on some players lower down the market that I believe are undervalued. The youth trend caught me a little by surprise but I’ve profited from it to some extent. The longer you’re on the platform, the easier it is to anticipate market cycles. I try to anticipate the next trend but don’t always get it right! I don’t have more than 10% of my port in any one player.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to balance your portfolio. It’s also more interesting to have a mix of player types in your portfolio to see which are performing better at different points in time.

Biggest Winner (Player) What happened? 


My biggest winner on Football Index is probably Callum Hudson-Odoi. I was lucky enough to see him tear Arsenal apart in pre-season last year and loaded up. As an Arsenal fan, this pained me but, as a young English player with serious potential, he was also a potential goldmine. It’s a bit of a shame that he never went to Bayern though, as it would have been a lot easier to support him if he weren’t in blue!

Biggest Loser (Player), What happened?


That’s easy, annoyingly it’s hard to forget your big losers. Alvaro Morata. I went big on the assumption he was going to Man United and now, as we all know, that didn’t happen. This was a big lesson for me on Football Index as it taught me to be very wary of what you read in the media regarding transfers, as well as ensuring that you know which journalists are more reliable on transfers than others. Jumping on a transfer rumour can be a constant temptation on the Index during a window; you want to be one of the first buying the players to get them at the cheapest price before everyone jumps on, but with all the dodgy twitter accounts and ‘sources’ knocking about it’s easy to be caught out. Be careful on transfer rumours is all I can say!

Do you have a trading strategy?


I’m more of a long term holder than a flipper. I try to identify where the money is going next, what the next cycle will be and get in early, then sell on the rises. It takes patience and it’s not always the easiest thing to do, but the proof is in the pudding. There are a range of different ways to make money on Football Index so its important to learn what are Football Index Strategies?

Advice to new traders joining the platform.


Read the game rules and get an understanding of the scoring matrix before going big. Football Index has also just announced changes to their scoring matrix for performance buzz as well as media dividends opening up beyond the ‘Top 200’. The importance of understanding how the platform works and what dividends are paid out are key factors in what determines players share price. So make sure you not only know the rules but also keep updated on them. 

My second piece of advice is that there are many different ways to make and lose money on Football Index. Go with your gut feeling and follow your own strategy. Don’t blindly follow tips or get sucked into what other people are doing. Do your own research before buying anyone and have a strategic reason for buying as well as a potential exit strategy for the player in question.

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