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If you are new to the Football Index platform then you may find yourself asking the question: What is the Football Index Forum? To put it simply, the Football Index Forum is an online hub where traders can discuss anything and everything to do with trading on Football Index. There are over 200,000 posts on the Football Index Forum so it’s a great place to get the latest from traders.

In this Football Index Forum guide, we look about how to get involved and why it might benefit your portfolio. Want to know more about the Football Index? Check out our Football Index Guide.

What is the Football Index Forum?

The price of player shares on Football Index is completely dependant on traders actions. The platform is, as they say, the football stock market where you can buy and sell shares in players. As with all stock markets, the value of a share is determined by supply and demand. The more people buying shares in a player the more their share price will increase, the more traders sell shares in a player their price will decrease.

So, if players share prices are determined by what other traders are doing, then the more you know about other traders actions, the more you can predict the future of footballers share prices. That’s where the FI Forum is great, it gives a platform for all different types of traders to discuss everything and anything about Football Index.

How to get started on the FI Forum?

To register for the Football Index Forum it is really easy. Simply just make your way to and make an account. This is separate from your Football Index account and does not have to be using the same email address.

How does the Football Index Forum Work?

The best way to navigate the Football Index Forum is to use the menu at the top of the website. Included in the menu are links to all of the different forum features which are outlined below:

Categories: Not sure where to start? Then the categories are a great place for you to have a look round to get used to how the FI Forum works. See a full breakdown of the categories in the section below.

Recent: The latest Forum posts and discussions all in one place. Want to know what traders are talking about right this minute? Then the recent tab is the perfect place for you.

Tags: Want to know what people are talking about? Then tags are a great place to start. The Football Index Forum allows you to tag posts with relevant keywords. For example, a post about Gareth Bale might include the tags ‘Bale’, ‘Real Madrid’ and ‘Wales’. If you are interested in searching for posts about an individual player or team then look for posts with that tag.

Popular: The most viewed threads and posts in one place. The most viewed tab lists the most viewed and engaged with thread so you can see what traders are engaging with the most. Think the FI Forum is small? The most viewed thread has over 3 million views.

Users: If you want to know what users are online, the top posters or have the best reputation? Then check out the users’ tab. Keep posting and engaging with traders and you might find yourself on the ‘Most Reputation’ list one day.

Groups: These groups include the Football Index Forum administrators. So if you want to find out what they are talking about make your way over to the groups’ tab now.

Search: Looking for something specific? Use the search function to find any posts relating to your question. To find out how to use the search function read the section below.

What are the different categories?

After you have signed up to the Football Index Forum, it’s time to get involved. On the homepage of the FI Forum, there are 5 discussion categories that you can choose to browse or contribute too. Within these categories are a range of different threads by traders about loads of Football Index topics. The different categories and what type of posts are included in them are outlined below:

Football Index Announcements: This is where the Football Index Forum administrators post important updates about the forum discussion boards. Also included in this section is the ‘Community Guidelines’. Everyone who uses the forum should abide by these community rules in order to keep contributing to the Football Index Forum.

General Trading Discussion: By far the biggest category on the Football Index Forum with over 14,000 topics and 210,000 posts this category does exactly what it says in the tin. Most of the discussion is about what players to invest in and what strategies traders are using so it’s a great place to get an overview for loads of different traders opinions and ideas.

Transfer Speculation: Want to know all of the latest transfer gossip that other traders have found or players they are reading about. These threads contain a long list of different transfer speculation and what traders are doing because of it.

Off Topic: Don’t think that your questions or posts belong in any other category? Then post them in the ‘Off Topic’ section of the Football Index Forum and find out the answers or information you need.

Comments & Feedback: Want to post about something not working on the Football Index platform? Or suggest something that might take it to the next level? Create a new thread with your comment or feedback and Football Index will see it.

How to use the search function on the Football Index Forum?

If you are new to the Football Index and have a general question that could have been answered before, you can use the search bar to see if that post already exists. This saves you from having to wait for other traders to give you an answer and might give you more information than you originally thought you needed.

Simply click on the search icon in the menu to use this function and type in general terms what you want to find out more about. To use the search function you must be registered on the Football Index Forum, so make sure you do that first.

Are there any other places to talk about Football Index?

The Football Index Forum is not the only place where you can go in order to discuss Football Index. There are also large followings on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The traders on Twitter can be found using the hashtag ‘#FICommunity’. Whilst on Facebook there is a range of different discussion groups that you can request to join in order to engage and chat with other Football Index traders.

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